September 25, 2012

Where the hell have you been?!

Hi there! I haven't made poses for a while now, but I just wanted to say I haven't let that go forever. It's just that I've been both lazy and been sorting things out in my personal life, as well as psychologically. Now with the term that started, I can't go back to pose creating yet.

However, from time to time I post random sims update on my Tumblr. If you're interested, you can go check it out~

Mura's Tumblr

See you around~

March 26, 2012

TheAnimator & Pose Player: Combination For More Precise Screenshots

**As of April 2012, this tutorial has become obsolete. To use this feature without going through tedious steps, please use this great mod.**

This tutorial was done by me a long while ago when I discovered that some poses could look different depending on where the Sim was focusing last before freezing into the assigned pose. 

It may be useful for some of you, and it helps you understand why some poses may look slightly different, such as the head turned elsewhere. You can then use that to your advantage.

Colorful Personalities Pose Pack

As promised, here's my first pose pack! I'm now used to Blender, so it's slightly quicker to make poses effectively. Inspirations came from the personalities of my own Sims. I hope you like them!

*~ Supports pose list

*Click pictures to view larger size.*
 This pose comes in 3 versions. It's made to accommodate the Sim's' clothing and hip size.

- Please do not redistribute.
-- If you do share, please link back to this page.

March 23, 2012

Simple Female Pose (Edited 27/03/12)

EDIT 27/03/12: I did a small fix on one of the legs by bringing it closer to the other. It should look more natural now, especially for those wearing skirts or dresses. If you downloaded it before, please replace the file!

Today I bring you my first, seemingly successful pose. It's a simple one, but I wanted it to look natural, so I put a bit of time with the small details like fingers. Sorry that it's just a single pose. I promise that future updates will be packs.

*~ Supports pose list

*Click pictures to view larger size.*

Due to the nature of this pose, it may not work well with Sims wearing fluffy/large dresses and skirt. Unless you don't mind the hands clipping through the clothing, you've been warned.

- Please do not redistribute.
-- If you do share, please link back to this page.


Hey there! You can call me Mura. Simple and easy name to remember I think.

I lurk a lot around MS3B and comment from time to time. However, ever since I've started learning how to use Blender for poses, I've decided to become a pose creator myself. I've only created one simple pose so far, and I don't think I'll be a very active creator at all. However, from time to time, I'll create poses and share them with you in this blog.

I'm not sure yet if I'll reserve this blog exclusively for my poses only or if I'll be a bit random with my updates, with random shares such as Sims. Whatever the case, it will all be about The Sims 3.

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