January 1, 2013

Resident Evil Sims

Happy New Year gift~! Sorta.

Even though I'm not a fan of the series, I've always loved the characters and their design. Therefore, creating these four was a lot of fun. Since I've finally decided to unlazy myself, I gathered what I think is their complete CC list, so I'm sharing them with you people who may be more of a fan than me.

||SLIDERS *important*||
These sims are slider heavy, so you NEED these sliders or else they won’t appear as you see them here. However, due to slider hack, it’s possible that some settings get wonked out, and I can’t do anything about it if it happens to you. Sorry.
- Slider hack set to at least 3x I think (I’m using Awesomemod)
- Delphy breast sliders (for Ada)
- Bella3lek4 17 sliders
- Jonha various sliders
- Jonha experimental height sliders
- Jonha head shape sliders
- Jasumi cute boy sliders
- Jasumi mature girls sliders
- Julia’s dimple slider
- PCfreak Arm and belly sliders
- All of aWT sliders (except for the first one, eyeball ones, and hat grip)
- Bloom sim height and body builder sliders
- James Rock glasses slider
- S-club glasses slider

||CC list||

*~If I don’t give links to their clothes, it means I’ve put them in base game clothing.~*
*~Since I didn’t touch their real eye color as I only use contacts, it may mess up future genetics, so you have to manually give them the right real eye color~*
*~Click their names to see more pictures of each character~*

|Leon S. Kennedy|

*~He might look a bit different in your game because I turned him into a Young Adult for various reasons, as opposed to being an Adult in my pictures~*
- Skin (Hot version)
- Hair
- Eyebrows
- Eyes (contacts)
- Stubble is from Late Night. If you don’t have the EP, you’ll have to make due with something else.

|Chris Redfield|
*~He’s an Adult.~*
- Skin (Real2 version)
- Hair
- Eyebrows
- Eyes (contacts)
- Goatee (default replacement)

|Ada Wong|
*~She’s a YA like Leon.~*
- Skin (Light version)
- Hair (Adjust-shine version)
- Eyebrows
- Eyes (contacts)
- Eyeshadow
- Lipsticks
- Eyelashes
- Dress by Nygirl
- Lace neck band by Lore

|Albert Wesker|
*~He’s an Adult.~*
*~To make his eyes glow, you need DebugEnabler to give him Werewolf visual override, or you can make him a Vampire and use Misu’s mod to make only the eyes glow (then remove fangs and tattoos in CAS~*
- Skin (Sexy version)
- Hair (you need the original mesh, which is linked in that post)
- Eyebrows
- Eyes (contacts)
- Subtle wrinkles (as age detail)
- Glasses

||Terms of Use||

- Please don’t claim to have made them nor as your own
- Please don’t upload to other sites, especially paysites, without permission
- Otherwise, use them however you like. If you use them as a base for an original sim, go ahead. No need for credits when it comes to that.
- Let me know if there are any issues!


All characters belong to Capcom.